iPhone Contact Transfer

Are you searching for an ideal transfer to transfer files to computer from iPhone? I Think the iPhone Contact Transfer will be the best choice. The iPhone Contact Transfer can backup the contact and its photo to computer as a TXT file or ANTC file. And before transfer, the iPhone Contact Transfer allows you to select to transfer all of the contacts or a single contact. Moreover, if you plan to transfer the contacts to ANTC file, the iPhone Contact Transfer allows you to set a password in order to keep the privacy of you.

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How to Use the iPhone Contact Transfer?

The transfer should be divided into two situations.

(1) Step 1: Run the transfer, and all the information of the SMS contacts will be listed automatically.

transfer all contacts

Step 2: Click to copy SMS from all iPhone contact.

Step 3: Make settings of the output files.

Choose File Type: backup to TXT file, ANTC file.
Choose File Path: You can change the backup path if you do not use default path.
Advanced Option: If you choose ANTC format, you can add a password to protect the file.

Step 4: Click "OK" to finish the transfer.

(2) Step 1: Run the transfer and click a single contact, all of the SMS in this contact will be listed.

transfer single contact

Step 2: Click to copy all of the SMS in the selected contact.

Step 3: Customize the output files.

Choose file type: TXT or MHT. And you can print the file, if you choose the MHT format.

Choose File Path: where to store the backup file, do nothing if you choose default path.

Step 4: Click "OK" to finish the transfer.

Tips: In this situation,you can click the photo of single person to save it to your computer.


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